Enrolment Information

When a family has indicated an interest in enrolling their child in our service, the following will occur:

  • A tour of our centre. During this tour, the educator conducting the tour will give the family information about the services on offer including; programming methods, meals, excursions, inclusion, fees, policies, procedures, our status as a Sun Smart service, regulations for our state and the licensing and assessment process, signing in and out procedure, the National Quality Framework, room routines, educator qualifications, introduction of educator in the room and educator and parent communication. Families are also invited to ask any questions during this process.
  • Families are able to either obtain a copy of the Parent Handbook from our website or have a copy emailed to them. A copy is also included in our Parent Library.
  • Discussions are held between office staff and families regarding availability of days, a start date and tailoring an orientation process to suit the needs of the family and child. Families are informed of the Priority of Access Policy and will have their position assessed as to how they place within this system. Any matters that are of a sensitive nature, such as discussing a child's medical needs, court orders, parenting plans or parenting orders, will be discussed privately with the nominated supervisor at this time. We request that parents begin to fill out the enrolment forms during this time, along with discussing their child's needs with us, so we can accommodate these from the first day they start with us.
  • Should a child use English as a second language, or speak another language at home, we request that families provide us with some key words in the language the child speaks at this time, so that educators can learn the words.
  • Families also need to contact the Family Assistance Office to have their eligibility for the Child Care Benefit assessed. Once these details are available, we can complete the child's formal enrolment. Should a family still need to access this information, we will complete an informal enrolment until these details are finalised.
  • As per our Orientation for Children Policy, families will be invited to bring their child into the service at a time that suits them, so the child and family can familiarise themselves with the environment.
Enrolment Information
Before the child begins their first day with us, the service must have all required documentation for the child. The child will not be accepted into the service without this being completed.
Priority of Access Guidelines
Children who are enrolled at the service or whose families are seeking a place at the service will be given Priority of Access in accordance with the guidelines that have been established by the Department of Family and Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.

Below are the Priority of Access levels which our centre must follow when filling vacancies.

  1. A child at risk of serious abuse of neglect.
  2. A child of a single parent/guardian who satisfies, or of parents/guardians who both satisfy the work/training/study test under Section 14 of the Family Assistance Legislation Amendment (Child Care) Act 2010.
  3. Any other child.

Within these three categories priority is also given to the following children:

  • Children in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families.
  • Children in families which include a disabled person.
  • Children in families on low income.
  • Children in families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
  • Children in socially isolated families.
  • Children of single parents/guardian.

Upon enrolment families will be notified of their priority and advised that if the service has no vacancies and their child's position is a priority 3 under the Priority of Access Guidelines, it may be required that their child leave or reduce their days in order to make a place for a higher priority child.
Enrolment Policy
On the child's first day:

  • The child and their family are welcomed into their room for the first day.
  • The Nominated Supervisor and parents will ensure all details are finalised and complete and sign the Orientation Checklist.

Other information about our service's enrolment includes:

  • We will try and accommodate families so that children from the same family can attend our service. This will be carried out in line with our obligations under the Priority of Access Policy.
  • We encourage all families to consider immunising their children. Please see our Immunisation Policy for further information. Enrolment of educator's children at the service is generally not encouraged

Click here to download a copy of our Enrolment Information for your records

Parent Handbook

We welcome new families to Lilly Pilly South ELC and are happy to answer any questions you may have relating to day-to-day routines, fee structures and activities. To help you become familiar with our policies and the centre philosophy, we have compiled a parent handbook which is available for you to print out and refer to.

Click here to download a copy of our Parents Handbook for your records.

Enrolment Form

We look forward to your child enjoying their early years learning and playing at our purpose-built childcare centre, and we know they are going to enjoy their time exploring and sharing with other children their own age.

To enrol your child with us please complete our Application for Enrolment Form.

Ezi Debt Form

Payment is easy with our Ezi Debt Form. This confidential form allows us to withdraw an allocated amount from your nominated account each week to cover the cost of your child's attendance at our early learning centre.

Getting To Know You Survey

Our philosophy incorporates: Acknowledging and respecting each individual child, family and staff member in regard to culture, gender and lifestyle. Respecting the special relationship between children and their families and incorporating this perspective in all interactions with children. We would appreciate if you could carefully complete this survey so we can gain a greater insight regarding your child.

Please print out and fill in our Getting to Know You Survey and hand it in to one of our friendly staff.

New Parent Checklist

As the Centre Manager of Lilly Pilly South, it is my responsibility to ensure that the following New Parent Checklist has been discussed with all new families.

Please print out and complete our New Parent Checklist.