Fast Feet Modified Sports Program



Fast Feet Modified Sports Program is a branch of Fast Feet Football, where the fundamental goal is to create an enjoyable atmosphere, where the children improve their motor skills not only in a variety of sports but physical ability in balance, hand-eye coordination, foot-eye coordination, sequencing, and general fitness. We incorporate kicking, running, dribbling, catching, hitting, jumping, and throwing as key components of this program.

On implementing the Fast Feet Modified Sports Program, Fast Feet Football will educate the staff on how to run the program successfully. In doing so, the program can be replicated as frequently as each individual childcare centre desires, while keeping costs negligible for families.

We will continually educate the staff on a variety of sports throughout the year, allowing for multiple sporting challenges to be experienced by the children.

The result is that the Fast Feet Modified Sports Program offers the children a head start in the demands and rigours of gross motor exercises. This enables the children to be more than confidently aware of the basic requirements of most sports and to be able to participate with the peers with excitement, self-assurance, and poise.
We follow a routine so that the children can predict, to an extent, on the exercise schedule, which helps them feel comfortable with each session.

The children firstly complete a warm-up game or activity that prepares the body's muscles and cardio-vascular system for the sports that will be taught.

The second part of the session is the teaching of the sport specific skills and techniques, that they need to learn in their attempt to both master the equipment to be used and the sport at hand. This can either be reinforced the next week, or become more complex depending on the child's ability, their progress in being able to successfully complete the skills required and the difficulty of the sport.

The third part of the session involves the children having regular opportunities for "free-play" where they will be given the opportunity to experiment, to gather experiences and become more independent within the sport.

Lastly, the children will be shown the basic stretching poses required to cool-down and relax their little bodies, while also creating good habits for the future.

Each sport will last for three weeks, so that the children can practice and reinforce what they have previously learned, while at the same time they are not kept in one sport too long to limit any chance of boredom in that particular exercise or sport.

At all times the children will be allowed access to water and be kept sun safe
Fast Feet, Speed & Agility
To begin our exercise program, the children will be subject to fast feet drills and agility exercises, using ladders, poles and cones. This will improve their overall speed, balance and coordination, which is the requirement of any sport. By completing these exercises over a period of three weeks the children will feel confident in attacking the sports to follow.
Football (Soccer)
In learning the fundamentals of football, the children will greatly improve their foot-eye coordination, on both sides of their body. This sport also offers a great deal to the children in regards to developing balance, agility and their aerobic fitness.

Another great team sport that will hopefully create the fast feet of Ronaldo and Messi.
The children will be working on their hand-eye skills of dribbling, passing and catching, while also focusing on shooting at targets. They will be introduced to playing a team sport, as well as developing aerobic fitness. Who knows, they may slam dunk their way to becoming the next LeBron James or Kobe Bryant.
Golf is a sport that doesn't require the children to exert constant energy, but it demands focus and concentration. The children will learn to coordinate the action required to swing and hit a small ball, while learning to control their speed and strength during this process. Discipline is a word that comes to mind when trying to accomplish the demands of golf.
This is an introductory program to the sport where the children are asked to focus upon the sport's key skill of balance. This requires concentration and self-discipline.
Tennis is another sport that develops great hand-eye co-ordination skills for children. They learn the basics of how to hold a racquet and how to control the power they need to return a ball. Being able to predict line and flight trajectory of the ball is a key skill they will accomplish.
There are so many different exercises that children will learn with Athletics. These range from learning how to run and hurdle, to crouch start, throwing of the shot putt, and many more. Not only will your child improve their timing and depth prediction, they will also work on their coordinated movements. A great all round gross motor activity, that will hopefully create another Sally Pearson.
Fast Feet Modified Sports Program uses equipment that is modified for the size and weight appropriate for children. Success and confidence will only be achieved by using equipment to scale with the children's body size. We use high quality equipment designed to be repetitively used.

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